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Water Filtration Plant

Water Filtration Plant consists of pretreatment filters along with Ultra Filtration membrane, which have pore size from 0.1 μm to 0.01 μm slight larger than RO membrane. Water Logic have vast range of uses like Community Welfare Filtration Plant, Food & Beverages Prefiltration for Bottled Water Filtration Plant, Wastewater Filtration Plant and many more.

RO plant and purification is a very common concept now as people make it their priority to consume pure water source like RO plant and provide their family with pure water solutions as well. 

Water filter plants and purification have gained popularity due to past health issues caused by consuming unfiltered water. Therefore, Some third-world areas still prioritize unfiltered water consumption, causing health issues due to germs and chemicals in impure water.er.

Parasites and Viruses


Moreover, RO plant removes various contaminants from impure water, including bacteria, nitrates, lead, chemicals, and more.

Impure groundwater contains harmful particles that can be treated with a Filtration Plant.

RO Water filters

Additionally, impurities in water can cause severe health problems, including gastrointestinal issues, tooth damage, nausea, dehydration, and even death.

Therefore, due to all these problems and many germs that impure water holds it is necessary to have a Filtration Plant for your family. Choose between home filtration or community filtration for clean water.

 Purified water

Community Water Filtration Plant

RO Plants for Community welfare are commonly utilized for drinking purposes where the water is not highly mineralized. System includes multimedia filter (up to 20 microns) and activated carbon filter to remove impurities.

The contamination of drinking water supply in urban areas of Pakistan is a significant issue. Surveys have reported instances of broken sewerage lines that mix with the water supply, further worsening the water condition. Therefore, the demand for clean water in such areas is crucial. Since the water source is heavily contaminated, it necessitates suitable treatment to eliminate impurities. Providing safe drinking water for communities through the purification of public drinking water is one of the safest and simplest methods of water treatment.

The Water Filtration Plant for Community consists on the following parts:

The raw water reservoir serves as the source from which the Water Filtration Plants extracts water for purification.

The feed pump extracts water from the raw water tank and injects it into the Water Filtration Plants.

The Multimedia Filter in the Water Filtration Plants is the first stage, comprising a FRP vessel with multiple layers of filtration bed. When water passes through these beds, the layers effectively remove physical impurities in the water up to 5 microns.

The Granular Activated Carbon filter is the second stage of the Water Filtration Plants. It comprises a FRP vessel and effectively eliminates chemical impurities such as chlorine, odor, color, and other chemicals present in the water.

The Water Filtration Plants features a 5-micron cartridge filter capable of removing particles sized up to 5 microns.

The Ultra Filtration Membrane plays a crucial role in the Water Filtration Plants by effectively removing particles as small as 0.01 microns.

The Water Filtration Plant includes a UV sterilizer lamp, housed in a stainless-steel chamber. Additionally, the water from the plant passes through this chamber, where it is exposed to UV light. This process effectively kills bacteria and other microorganisms. Therefore, after completing these eight steps, the Water Filtration Plant stores the water in a storage tank.

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