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Mineral Water Plant

Bottled/mineral water business thrives due to declining water quality in urban areas. Therefore, it is also popular in rural areas due to increased awareness. Clean water is essential, but not everyone can afford filters, so bottled water is preferred. Mineral water plant business: profitable with low production costs and favorable market prices.



Moreover, Market potential for Pure Water Softeners: High demand for clean water. Installing and operating a Water Filtration Plant is simple with customer training.

Mineral Water Plant Price in Pakistan

Equipment of Mineral Water Plant

The Mineral Water Plant consists on the following equipment:


Therefore, the raw water tank collects water from the water supply or borewell and supplies it to the clean water plant.

A stainless-steel pump transfers water from the raw water tank and injects it into the Water Plant.

Mineral Water Plant’s Multimedia Sand Filter: FRP cylinder with quartz, silica, and gravel sand layers. It serves as the first filtration step in the Water Plant, eliminating physical impurities up to 20 microns in size from the water.

Mineral Water Plant’s Activated Carbon Filter: FRP cylinder with activated carbon and gravel sand layers. It serves as the second filtration step in the Water Plant, eliminating chemical impurities such as smell, bad taste, color, or any chemicals present in the water.

Therefore, pure Water Plant’s Cartridge Filter: Poly Propylene Fiber (PPF) removes impurities up to 5 microns in RO Plant.

Pure Water Plant’s Cartridge Filter: PPY removes impurities up to 1 micron, serving as the fourth step.

The High Pressure Pump, a stainless-steel pump, transfers water from pre-filtration to the RO membrane for further purification in the clean Water Plant.

In a Pure Water Plant, the RO membrane is installed within a robust casing called the Pressure Vessel after the High Pressure Pump. The RO membranes in Purified water function to remove dissolved solids from water, such as salts, minerals, and heavy metals. Furthermore, the RO membrane drains out all the rejected dissolved solids.

The water coming from RO membrane is free from all minerals and salts, now in Mineral Water Plant, the Mineral Dosing System is installed which adds Sodium, Magnesium and Calcium in the water can makes the taste palatable.

It’s a food grade storage tank that collects the Mineral Water coming from Purified water.

Additionally, the washing and filling station is a stainless-steel structure having washing and filling points in Mineral Water Plant for half liter, 1.5 liters and 19 liters bottles.