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Water Filtration Plant

Water Filtration Plant consists of pretreatment filters along with Ultra Filtration membrane, which have pore size from 0.1 μm to 0.01 μm slight larger than RO membrane. Water Logic have vast range of uses like Community Welfare Filtration Plant, Food & Beverages Prefiltration for Bottled Water Filtration Plant, Wastewater Filtration Plant and many more.

RO plant and purification is a very common concept now as people make it their priority to consume pure water source like RO plant and provide their family with pure water solutions as well. 

Water Filters Plant and purification became common in the market as earlier people used to consume unfiltered water sources which were impure, and it led to many health problems worldwide. There are still some areas in third world countries where it is not a priority and unfiltered water is still consumed by the people. Such countries face great health problems due to the germs and chemicals in impure water.

RO plant removes the possible contaminants in impure water are E. coli Bacteria, Coliform Bacteria, Nitrates, Lead, Fluoride, Arsenic, Radium, Radon, Pesticides, Chemicals, Fecal Matter, Microbial Pathogens, Parasites, Viruses, Petrochemical and many more. The impure water is often extracted from under the ground hence such harmful particles can be found in the water that can be treated with  Filtration Plant.

RO Water filters

The particles that have been removes by Purified water are extremely harmful and can lead to Gastrointestinal Problems, Diarrhea, teeth discoloration and wear, Nausea, Intestinal or Stomach Cramping, Intestinal or Stomach Aches and Pains, Dehydration, cancer, and even death.

Therefore, due to all these problems and many germs that impure water holds it is necessary to have a Filtration Plant for your family. You can do this in two ways, either by installing a home Filtration Plant or by consuming water from a community Filtration Plant.

Purified water

Community Water Filtration Plant

RO Plant for Community welfare are usually used for drinking purpose where the water is not harder / heavy. The system consists of multimedia filter to remove physical impurities from water up-to 20 microns, followed by Activated carbon filter for removal of chemical impurities from water,

Drinking water supply in Pakistan specially in urban areas is contaminated, a lot of surveys report that in many area sewerage lines are broken and being mixed with water supply line, that makes the water condition worse. The need of clean water is vital for such area. As the source of water badly contamination so it requires appropriate treatment to remove impurities from water. Pure water for Public drinking water is one of the safest and easiest method of water treatment to provide safe drinking water for their communities.

The Water Filtration Plant for Community consists on the following parts:

It’s a reservoir of the raw water from where Water Filtration Plant takes the water to purify.

The feed pump takes the water from raw water tank and inject it in to the Water Filtration Plant.

It is the 1st stage of Water Filtration Plant, Multimedia Filter consists of a FRP vessel with a multilayers of filtration bed, when water passes through these beds, the layers remove the physical impurities present in the water up to 5 microns.

It’s the 2nd stage of Water Filtration Plant, it’s a filter consists of a FRP vessel with Granular Activated Carbon filter, which remove chemical impurities from water like chlorine, smell, color or any other chemical present in the water.

 5 Micron Filter: Water Filtration Plant has cartridge filter of 5 micron, which removes particles up to 5 microns size.

Ultra Filtration Membrane is the most important part of Water Filtration Plant; it removes the particles up to 0.01 microns.

Water Filtration Plant has last filter called UV sterilizer lamp that is enclosed in a stainless-steel chamber, water coming from Water Filtration Plant passes through that chamber and exposed with UV light which kills bacteria and other microorganism. The Water Filtration Plant stores the water in a storage tank after completing these eight steps.

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