Water Filter For Home

Domestic Water Filters

Water Filter for Home is one of the best solutions to take purified water. There are many options as far as Water Filter For Home is concerned few of the options are:

1.  Domestic RO System                2. Three Stage Water Filtration System

Domestic RO System

 Domestic RO System is one of the most popular Water Filter For Home used worldwide. RO technology is membrane driven purification technic that has been used in Domestic RO system. Domestic Ro System is the best alternate of bottled water. It provides the purified and also reduce the financial burden of mineral water plant bill every month. As the lifestyle goes very complacent now-a-day so people want everything at door step, so Pure watet is very good choice for those people.

domestic filtration & system

 Water Logic offers an extensive range of pure water so that we clients get best quality drinking water; the best system to be used as RO Plant System and the top-rated Water Purifier for domestic use. As Water Logic is a famous supplier of Purified water, RO System is our best product which provide premium quality drinking water to our valued customers. we are always on the move to provide highly effective Purified water to accomplish day-to-day need of pure drinking water for domestic use. We are not only supplier top rated Water Filters for Home but also provide after sale services through our highly technical and expert staff. Domestic RO System has five stage purification process that makes our Purified water a state-of-the-art machine which removes physical, chemical, biological and dissolved impurities from water and make it portable for drinking.

In order to enlighten the requirements Clean water for our esteemed customers, we provide best services for pure water, which includes regular maintenance, periodic inspection, filters cartridges replacement, general service of system and the other related services of best RO System.

Our purified plan are especially designed to treat and eliminate contaminations from water for example, physical, chemical, biological & dissolved solids, to make water healthy and fit for drinking. water logic provides you purified drinking water comparable with bottled water.

Three Stage Filtration System

The most common and tradition filters that is being used since decades as Water Filter for Home is “Three Stage Water Filtration System”. The components and the function of this system is given bellow:

It’s the cartridge filter based on polypropylene fiber or yarn which removes physical impurities from water including dust, rust, sand or any other particles present in the water.

It’s a carbon filter consists on a block of carbon, when water passes through this carbon block, it removes all the chemical impurities present in the water.

Ultraviolet (UV) Sterilizer is a lamp produce UV rays and when water exposed with these rays, it disinfects all the microbiological impurities like virus & bacteria from water.