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Domestic Water Filters​

Domestic Water Filters

Water Filter for Home is one of the best solutions to take purified water. There are many options as far as Water Filter For Home is concerned few of the options are:

1.  Domestic RO System                2. Three Stage Water Filtration System

Water Filter For Home: Domestic RO System

Domestic RO System, a popular water filter for homes worldwide, utilizes membrane-driven purification technology. It serves as the ideal alternative to bottled water, providing purified water while reducing monthly expenses on mineral water plant bills. With a convenient doorstep delivery, Pure water becomes an excellent choice for individuals seeking a hassle-free lifestyle.

domestic filtration & system

Water Logic presents a wide range of pure water solutions, ensuring our clients receive the highest quality drinking water. Our RO Plant System and top-rated Water Purifier are ideal for domestic use. As a renowned supplier of purified water, we remain committed to providing our valued customers with premium quality drinking water. We continuously strive to meet the day-to-day need for pure drinking water by offering highly effective Purified water solutions. Our expert staff not only supplies top-rated Water Filters for Homes but also provides excellent after-sale services. The Domestic RO System features a five-stage purification process that transforms water into a state-of-the-art machine, removing physical, chemical, biological, and dissolved impurities, ensuring its safety for drinking.

 Advanced RO System: Ensuring Health and Safety through Water Purification


To address the clean water requirements of our esteemed customers, we offer exceptional services for pure water, including regular maintenance, periodic inspections, filter cartridge replacements, general system servicing, and other related services for the best RO System. Our specially designed purified plans effectively treat and eliminate water contaminations, such as physical, chemical, biological, and dissolved solids, ensuring that water is healthy and suitable for drinking. With Waterlogic, you can enjoy purified drinking water that matches the quality of bottled water.

3-Stage of Water Filter For Home: Efficient Filtration

The most common and tradition filters that is being used since decades as Water Filter for Home is “Three Stage Water Filtration System”. The components and the function of this system is given bellow:

It’s a cartridge filter based on polypropylene fiber or yarn. The cartridge removes physical impurities from water including dust, rust, sand, or any other particles present in the water.

It’s a carbon filter consisting of a block of carbon when water passes through this carbon block. It removes all the chemical impurities present in the water.

An ultraviolet (UV) Sterilizer is a lamp that produces UV rays and when water is exposed to these rays. It disinfects all the microbiological impurities like viruses & bacteria from water.