We are proud to ANNOUNCE that WATER LOGIC is ISO certified!

About Us

Water is one of the most precious blessing of Allah on this earth, presence of pollution in water (impure water) is a burning issue these days all across the world specially in third world, unfortunately Pakistan is among those 36 countries Called Water-Stressed Country. There are several factors that have contributed to the water crises in Pakistan. Some of them are “Increase in Population especially in urban areas, mismanagement in agriculture, lack of building sweet water reservoir (Dams), poor drainage system and many more”.  Safeguarding the precious resource of nature is duty of all of us. The world’s latest technology of water purification is RO Plant, commonly being used to treat water not only across the world but also in Pakistan. RO Plant technology become more popular in Pakistan after 2000.

We at WATER LOGIC (PVT) LTD ensure the supply of pure drinking water through state-of-the-art technology i.e. RO Plant. The technology of RO Plant is not new but it is still the largest and most effective method that is being used to purify water specially for drinking purpose all across the world.  We are among the largest manufacturer and service provider of RO Plant in Pakistan; WATER LOGIC has thousands of satisfied customers on its profile using our RO Plants. We believe not in customer-satisfaction but delight the customers by our services and professional attitude. Our team is based on highly qualified and professional individual, dedicated to their work and customer care is our esteem and core of our business.

RO Plant is a product that requires a regular maintenance, to serve that purpose, WATER LOGIC (PVT) LTD has an aftersales team of RO Plants, these team members are always on the toes to serve our esteemed customers. RO Plant design is based on individual customer’s need, we are always one step ahead from market in producing the quality products like RO Plants and other systems. We design RO Plants in Pakistan that not only fulfill the needs but also cost-effective and feasible solution for our customers.


WATER LOGIC (PVT) LTD’s mission is to design and develop the equipment based on efficient and cost-effective solutions of RO Plants to provide the pure and clean drinking water to the nation. Those RO Plants not only bring positive changes to the nation’s healthcare but also give them opportunity to produce more in their lives by keeping away the water borne diseases.


Our mission is to be an innovator of high-performance RO Plants and water treatment solutions in accordance with industry-leading and state of the art technics of designing RO Plants with efficient recovery rate and less wastage of RO Water. Our truly professional team always seek to homage to the highest ethical and standards operating procedures (SOPs) and contributes continuously in the growth of nation and humanity.